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SonoRelief™ Tinnitus Relief Treatment Ear Patch

SonoRelief™ Tinnitus Relief Treatment Ear Patch

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SonoRelief™ Tinnitus Relief Treatment Ear Patch

SonoRelief™ Tinnitus Relief Treatment Ear Patch

Regular price $17.97
Regular price $17.97 Sale price $29.97
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Tinnitus, or ringing in your ears, can be extremely frustrating and debilitating. Not only is it difficult to make out what other people are saying when you have ringing in your ears, but it's also incredibly distracting. It can be hard to focus on anything else besides the ringing in your ears.

Introducing SonoRelief™ Tinnitus Relief Treatment Ear Patch: The Optimum Cure for the Ringing in Your Ears

SonoRelief™ is a patch designed to reduce the discomfort of tinnitus (Ringing in the ears). It contains a unique raster – a patented lens that creates an organized signal which is anticipated to modulate nerve functions in the auditory system through lightwave treatment.

SonoRelief™ – Clinical studies

Dr. Hudson Young, MDCM, FRCS(C) Professor and former Chairman, Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, McGill University

For regulatory and development technological reasons, we continuously work with follow-ups as well as clinical studies carried out by specialised medical doctors. We do this to ensure that the safety and efficacy of our patches meet our expectations and the requirements for medical devices.

We are determined to continue our research and further studies to help people suffering from tinnitus. In this regard, we intend to allocate further finance from the proceeds of SonoRelief sales towards new innovations and technologies in the field of tinnitus treatment.

Clinically evaluated by scientific studies

SonoRelief is currently registered as a medical device patch with the CE mark within the European Union, and has been shown to be clinically effective and safe.*
SonoRelief is a non-invasive medical device that does not contain any harmful chemicals.

*The effects may vary, according to clinical studies 30-50% experience relief

How SonoRelief works

SonoRelief is a patch designed to reduce discomfort from tinnitus. It contains a unique microscopic raster, which, with the help of incident visible and thermal light, creates a regular and organised fractal light. In contact with fractal light, water molecules in biological tissues adopt a more coherent state. This technology is used in the patch as a non-invasive and passive medical device with a high level of safety.

The hypothesis is that an elevated reorganisation of water in the biological environment may modulate the chaotic audio loops in the auditory system that represent the various conscious sound experiences that we call tinnitus and hence provide relief. There is a great deal to investigate in respect of how this works in exact terms. The overall aim is to develop a deeper understanding of tinnitus and provide better help for those suffering from tinnitus.

    CEO, Tinnitus Relief NZ Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

    Sophie den Breems

    "For years, we have been searching for an effective treatment for tinnitus for our clients, without much success. Finding SonoRelief has now allowed us to provide clients with an additional and effective tool to treat this condition."


    Principal Audiologist & Co-Director, Affordable Hearing, Australia

    Dylan Deinert

    "Tinnitus affects a good proportion of my clients. Having used SonoRelief patches myself I have now started to recommend them to my clients. While no single approach is successful for everyone it's great to have another tool, which is TGA approved now in Australia, to assist people with tinnitus relief."

    Hear What Our Happy and Satisfied Customers Randolf Brown and Andrea Smith Say About SonoRelief™ Tinnitus Relief Treatment Ear Patch

    “I have had tinnitus for a long time. It's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It has been an ongoing battle that I have fought with all my might and resources. I've tried everything from homeopathy to acupuncture, but nothing worked for me like SonoRelief™ Tinnitus Relief Treatment Ear Patch. This simple little patch is the answer to all your tinnitus woes!” - Randolf., 45, Washington - 

    "I just want to say how much I love your product! It's a miracle worker—it truly works! Before using it, I had trouble sleeping because of my tinnitus. I have tinnitus in both ears, but my right ear was worse. After using this patch for three days, I noticed that my right ear was much quieter than before. It has been a few weeks now and the ringing is gone! Thanks so much!" Now it doesn't bother me at all anymore." - Andrea., 35, South Dakota - 

        Take A Look At Kelly's Ultimate Experience with SonoRelief™ Tinnitus Relief Treatment Ear Patch

        Week 1: 

        I was skeptical at first, but I'm so glad I gave it a shot. The patch is super comfortable, and cool to the touch. It's really easy to apply and take off. And after about 3 days, I started to notice a real difference in my tinnitus. It's not gone completely, but it's better than it was before.

        Week 2: 

        The ear patch has been great! It helps me relax when I'm stressed and makes me feel more focused when I'm working on something important. Plus, it seems like my tinnitus is quieter than before. it makes me can sleep very well. 

        Conclusions of tinnitus research in general

        The intention of the SonoRelief treatment is to provide long-term relief from tinnitus or even permanently, but the result is highly individual and can vary a great deal.

        The intended use of the SonoRelief patch is to relieve tinnitus inconvenience.

        It is a low risk product, and any adverse effects that may develop are expected to be rapidly reversible when one ceases to use SonoRelief. The product is made of skin-friendly material and is easy to use; see “Claims” below. The risks mentioned in the risk analysis are considered acceptable.

        The studies show that SonoRelief meets its intended use and that SonoRelief is considered to fulfill Essential Requirements and to be a safe product.

        Easy to use, almost invisible

        A treatment with SonoRelief does not have to affect your daily life. All you have to think about is to replace the patch once a day.

        The patch is placed locally on the hairless skin on the projecting portion of the skull behind the ear. Clean the skin area before applying a new patch for the best possible result.


        • Size: 70mm/2.76"/stick
        • Quantity: 10 stickers/box
        • Type: ear patch
        • Color: Brown

        Product Includes

        • SonoRelief™ Tinnitus Relief Treatment Ear Patch



        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About SonoRelief™ Tinnitus Relief Treatment Ear Patch

        Q:How does SonoRelief™ work?
        SonoRelief™ utilizes advanced sound therapy technology to deliver therapeutic sound waves directly to the inner ear. These sound waves help mask or reduce the perception of tinnitus, providing relief to the user.

        Q:Is SonoRelief™ clinically proven?
        Yes, SonoRelief™ has undergone rigorous clinical evaluation through scientific studies to assess its efficacy in reducing tinnitus symptoms. These studies have demonstrated significant improvements in tinnitus severity and quality of life for individuals using SonoRelief™.

        Q:Is SonoRelief™ safe to use?
        Yes, SonoRelief™ is a safe and non-invasive treatment option for tinnitus relief. It does not involve any drugs or chemicals and has minimal side effects.

        Q:Is SonoRelief™ easy to use?
        Yes, SonoRelief™ is designed to be user-friendly. It comes with clear instructions on how to apply the ear patch and adjust the sound settings to suit individual preferences.

        Q:Can SonoRelief™ be used alongside other tinnitus treatments?
        SonoRelief™ can be used alongside other tinnitus treatments, such as counseling or lifestyle modifications.

        Q:Is SonoRelief™ suitable for all types of tinnitus?
        SonoRelief™ can provide relief for various types of tinnitus, including subjective and objective tinnitus. However, the effectiveness may vary between individuals, and it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

        Q:How long should I use SonoRelief™ for optimal results?
        The duration of SonoRelief™ usage for optimal results may vary depending on individual factors and the severity of tinnitus. It is generally recommended to consistently use SonoRelief™ as instructed in the product manual for a sustained period. This allows the therapeutic sound waves to effectively mask or reduce tinnitus perception over time.

        Q:How long does each SonoRelief™ ear patch last?
        Each SonoRelief™ ear patch can last up to 24 hours. It is recommended to replace the patch daily for optimal results.

        Q:Can SonoRelief™ be used while sleeping?
        Yes, SonoRelief™ can be used while sleeping. Its low-profile design allows for comfortable use during sleep, and the sound therapy can help mask tinnitus symptoms during the night.


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