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Hematite Magnet Therapy Anklet

Hematite Magnet Therapy Anklet

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Hematite Magnet Therapy Anklet

Hematite Magnet Therapy Anklet

Regular price $18.99
Regular price $18.99 Sale price $25.99
SAVE 26% Sold out

The process of making each anklet is a beautiful expression and meditation in itself. There’s nothing we love more than healing with gemstones. Years of studies and mining stones myself led us to a deeper appreciation and love of quality hematites. We do our best to seek out Premium Hematite.

Each bead is specially selected and carefully strung. We use cotton and nylon string verses plastic so your bracelet will never stretch out

This process gifts you with an intricately designed beautiful expression filled with the consciousness, presence, light, love, and high vibrational potency.

Slim Down with HEMATITE!

Check out our happy customers' successful stories!

Jodie has now lost several sizes with Slimming Magnetic Hematite. Let’s listen to what she has to say!

-”I’ve been using this anklet for almost a month now and I can’t believe I was able to resist the temptation of sweets and focus on losing weight. I was able to slim down significantly and detoxify healthily!” -Jodie Carter 43, Lo Angeles, California


Olivia wanted to get back in shape. She used to be a fast food lover but  her diet led her to an unhealthy lifestyle. Now she’s on the right track with Slimming Magnetic Hematite Anklet.

-”I lost a significant amount of weight. Usually, when I try cutting the pounds, I feel at ease. It helped me balance my emotions and goals. I was able to lose several kilograms in a week with the anklet whereas before it would take me months to reduce the same amount! I feel more at ease and my overall health increased due to its detoxifying effect. I feel stronger and more agile than before. This is a thumbs up for me!” -Olivia Smith 46, Mesa, Arizona

An effective detox is better than a diet!

Due to the increase in processed foods nowadays, we are taking in unnecessary toxins more than we'd like to! The exposure of these toxins are what causing the obesity crisis across the continents. 

Detoxauthorities, a leading scientific journal in the detoxing community, has discovered some findings on the detoxing power of hematite. They recently made a statement as follow:

"In order to understand how hematite benefits our body, we must understand how our bodies remove toxins. The powerful hematite is well known for its balancing power to boost our detoxing organs. This boost can effectively cleanse the waste in our body and ultimately cause major slimming effects." -Detoxauthorities™, 2022.

They discovered that the balancing power of hematite can effectively boost the functions of all detoxing organs in a human body, whats more is that this power boost works even at night, which means you can lose weight while you sleep!


  • Wear the anklet (or wear as a bracelet) as much as possible.
  • You can wear the anklet after achieving your weight loss goal


  • Ingredients: Hematite Stone, Therapeutic Magnetic


  • 1/2/4pcs x Slimming Magnet Hematite Anklet
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