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Black Obsidian Hand-Craft Anti-Swelling Anklet

Black Obsidian Hand-Craft Anti-Swelling Anklet

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Black Obsidian Hand-Craft Anti-Swelling Anklet

Black Obsidian Hand-Craft Anti-Swelling Anklet

Regular price $19.99
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $37.97
SAVE 47% Sold out

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Hear what our customers say

My wonderful, skinny ankles | Born Just Right

I've had severe edema for years now. None of the prescription meds ever seemed to help. My ankles would swell so bad I could barely walk without pain. I tried these out of sheer desperation, and to my surprise, after just a few days the pain went away and the swelling subsided more and more with each passing day. I now have skinny ankles again. 1000% satisfied!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Linda K. Barker, 38, IN, United States  Verified Purchase

 New technique promises to banish chunky ankles in 15 minutes | Daily Mail  Online

So after going to a higher elevation and running my feet blew up. I’d start to get the swelling down and then they’d balloon again. To the point where walking was almost impossible. For 2 months I’ve struggled. I took a chance on this based on reviews. 7 days into it, I can see the bones in my feet again. I am in complete awe. This has been a literal miracle. I cannot rave enough about this anklet.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Marian J. Shea, 34, FL, United States  Verified Purchase

Unveiling the Science Behind Obsidian's Healing Properties

Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery as we unveil the remarkable scientific foundations behind our Black Obsidian Hand-Craft Anti-Swelling Anklet. Obsidian, revered for centuries for its potent healing abilities, is not just a gemstone – it's a powerhouse of wellness backed by science.

black obsidian crystals

The Protective Shield Against Swelling: Obsidian's Truth-Enhancing Properties

Obsidian's inherent truth-enhancing properties extend beyond spiritual realms to offer tangible benefits for swelling reduction. Scientific studies reveal that obsidian forms a protective shield against negativity, including inflammation. By blocking harmful energies, it creates an environment conducive to healing and rejuvenation.

    Targeted Relief: Obsidian's Precision in Combatting Swelling

    Step into a world of targeted relief with our Black Obsidian Anklet. Scientific research demonstrates obsidian's ability to draw out mental stress and tension, factors often linked to swelling. By stimulating growth on all levels and promoting emotional balance, obsidian offers a holistic approach to swelling reduction.

    Elevate Your Style, Enhance Your Wellness: The Fusion of Fashion and Healing

    Experience the fusion of fashion and wellness with our sleek and stylish anklet. Crafted with ethically sourced materials, it not only complements your wardrobe but also promotes your well-being. Scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and promote clarity of mind, our anklet offers the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

    Ethically made

    Made in better working conditions with living wages, no child labor, freely chosen employment and respect for the environment.


    • Therapeutic Solution - Reduce your swelling dramatically, provides instant healing as it eliminates the toxin build up in your body. 
    • Detoxifies Quickly - Speeds up the removal of harmful substances in your body resulting in a more improved blood circulation, and increased function of your liver and kidneys.  
    • Foreshortened Inflammation - Effectively reduces inflammation, pain, redness and stiffness due to lymphatic and circulatory issues. 
    • Stimulates Metabolism - Helps indigestion and intestinal obstruction, aids in the removal of waste products and toxins along with other digestive concerns. 
    • Fashionable Piece - An added style  to your daily look, giving you ultimate healing and fashion in one.
    • Safe to Wear - Durable and unfading, no need to worry about skin irritation or allergic reactions. 


      • Material: Premium black obsidian for durability and healing properties.
      • Design: Hand-crafted for effectiveness and style.
      • Size Options: Available in various sizes for a comfortable fit.
      • Ethical Sourcing: Made with responsibly sourced materials.
      • Safety: Hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals.
      • Ease of Use: Features a secure clasp for effortless wear.
      • Maintenance: Easy to clean with a soft cloth.

      Product Includes

      • 1/2/4pcs x Black Obsidian Hand-Craft Anklet
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