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Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet

Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet

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Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet

Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet

Regular price $24.97
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Health is indeed wealth; let me explain. Living a healthy life means leaving a long and prosperous life. Less health problems equate to less medical expenses such as surgical procedures, maintenance medicines, and other crucial, life saving apparatuses. 

Get your life back together with the Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet! Made from high quality amethyst, it will help you focus on your goal, and helps you shed those unwanted fats! 



Alicia was able to break the habit of junk food and being a couch potato. Now, she is leading a healthier lifestyle and lost her first several kilos with Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet!

-”I was able to lose so much weight healthily. I used to be overweight but now I’m on my way to a healthier weight. With the Amethyst Slimming Bracelet on my side, I feel like I can do anything!”

Brianna, 34, used to be overweight but now she’s able to live her life to the fullest with the Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet!

-”I was able to shed a huge chunk of my excess weight in just a month! Now, I’m at the upper end of my normal weight, but with continuous use, I feel like I can finally achieve the model-slim body I’ve always wanted to flaunt! It’s stylish, effective, and healthy- what more can you ask for?”


Amethyst is a beautiful semi-precious stone. It is known for its elegant and deep purple color that is well loved by many.  This purple stone has powerful medicinal properties that both improve mental and physical health.

Amethyst aids in digestion and boosts metabolism by breaking down unwanted fats. It is also an immune system booster, which helps the body combat pathogens, germs, and sickness. 

For mental health, Amethyst is a powerful stone used to break bad habits and vices of any kind, may it be gambling, smoking or even binge-eating and overeating! It helps improve memory and is an effective calming agent that aids with combatting anxiety and depression. 



“I’ve been feeling less anxious, it’s as if the pressure of losing weight isn’t as overwhelming. I guess that really helped with my binge snacking. I used to be able to eat a family pack of chips in one sitting but I was able to eat the same pack in one week.”


“I noticed a difference with my appetite and weight. I don’t have much cravings for chips and fries like I used to before. I also crave walking around and jogging more. I still pant but at least I can walk from my kitchen to my bedroom without  feeling I’ve run a marathon. This is a great improvement, I haven’t been this nimble in years!”


“I’ve started running and jogging and I’ve been doing it on a daily basis. I also haven’t eaten any snacks so far! The only snack I ate was a small bag of chips and that’s it. I have delayed my meal times to around brunch and dinner and eat a light breakfast. I also sized down the portions of what I eat because I get full easily! The improvement is such a surprise to me, and my family! Now, I can follow the intermittent diet and feel full all the time!”


“I’ve shrunk two sizes down! I didn’t realize how amazing this bracelet was! The amethyst really helped me lose weight and break the cycle of overeating. It burns my fats nicely, I didn’t notice it at first but I noticed how my clothes became loser as the weeks passed by. I now fit in medium-sized clothes as opposed to the extra large ones I used to buy before I lost weight.”


  • Weight Loss- Lose weight in just 30 days with the Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet.
  • Improves Metabolism and Digestion- With its healing properties, Amethyst can help burn unwanted fat  and aids with proper digestion. 
  • Breaks Unhealthy Habits-  One of the defining properties of amethyst is its ability to help people break free from their vices. Amethyst can help you break the cycle of unhealthy binge eating and overeating.
  • Promotes Healing- We are more prone to injury when overweight; Amethyst helps promote wound healing and contains antiseptic properties.
  • Lulls Depression and Anxiety- Losing weight can be an emotionally taxing task, Amethyst helps the users shed anxiety to help them focus on their goals.
  • Gender Neutral Design- The Amethyst Healing Slimming Bracelet boasts a gender neutral design that can be worn by both men and women.


  • Wear the bracelet as much as possible, especially when exercising.
  • Switch the bracelet from wrist to wrist to avoid discomfort.
  • Do not scrape the bracelet against rough edges.
  • Remove the bracelet when washing your hands. 
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


  • Components: Amethyst Stone
  • Product Type: Bracelet 


  • Amethyst Healthy Slimming Bracelet 
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