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Zenband™ Stress Relief Infrared Headband

Zenband™ Stress Relief Infrared Headband

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Zenband™ Stress Relief Infrared Headband

Zenband™ Stress Relief Infrared Headband

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price $24.97
SAVE 20% Sold out

Unlock a New Level of Physical and Mental Strength, Just Like Gianna and Jaimee Did!

“I've been using the Zenband™ Infrared Headband for two weeks now and I am so impressed with how it has helped my body recover from physical workouts and stress. I feel like it's actually made my body stronger—I'm able to lift more weights and run longer distances than before. Not only that, but I feel energized after a workout, rather than depleted! I also love that it has helped me get rid of headaches and stress. Sometimes when you're stressed or have a headache, you just want to curl up in bed and sleep all day. But with the headband on? You can go about your day as normal!” - Gianna., 36, Manhattan - 

“I have never felt more energized and mentally focused than I do now, thanks to Zenband™. I wear it to the gym every time I work out, because of the way it helps me recover faster. I can't believe how much better my body feels when I'm wearing it. It's like a second skin!

I also wear it when I'm on my phone or computer for long periods of time, because it helps me keep my mind calm and focused. And even if you don't have any sort of physical workout in your day, this headband still makes a huge difference in how you feel.” - Jaimee., 32, Dallas - 

Unleash the Power of Advanced Celliant® Material


Our Zenband™ Stress Relief Infrared Headband incorporates the revolutionary Celliant® material, a patented fabric that absorbs and converts your body heat into infrared energy. This energy is then emitted back into your body, delivering an array of health benefits that specifically target stress, anxiety, and tension.

Discover the Healing Potential of Infrared Therapy

Infrared radiation has the incredible ability to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a molecule that relaxes and dilates blood vessels. By improving blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain, infrared therapy effectively reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

Moreover, infrared therapy's anti-inflammatory properties extend throughout the body, including the brain. Chronic inflammation, a leading cause of stress, anxiety, and depression, can be mitigated by infrared therapy, leading to improved brain health and reduced stress levels.

Embrace the Profound Effects of Zenband™

Zenband™ stands as the pinnacle of stress management technology, employing low-level light therapy to penetrate the skin and promote relaxation, reduce inflammation, and enhance circulation. Our headband integrates the latest infrared-emitting fiber technology, IR Celliant, maximizing heat regulation and providing optimal protection for the forehead and ears during any activity or relaxation period.

Immerse Yourself in Unparalleled Benefits

✅ Liberate yourself from stress and anxiety
✅ Enhance mental clarity and focus
✅ Indulge in deep relaxation and tranquility
✅ Experience rejuvenating sleep
✅ Find relief from tension headaches and migraines


Seize Control of Your Life—Bid Farewell to Stress and Anxiety

Don't let stress and anxiety dictate your life. Harness the power of infrared therapy with Zenband™ and embark on a transformative journey toward a stress-free and happier existence. Order your Zenband™ Stress Relief Infrared Headband today and witness the magic unfold!

Explore The Powerful Benefits of Zenband™ Stress Relief Infrared Headband

  • Infrared Therapy: Penetrates skin, promotes relaxation, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable: All-day comfort, optimal protection for forehead and ears during activities or relaxation.

  • Natural and Non-Invasive: Safe and effective stress relief without medications or invasive procedures.

  • Enhanced Sleep Quality: Promotes better sleep by reducing stress and regulating sleep-wake cycle.

  • Reduced Pain and Inflammation: Alleviates stress, minimizes pain, and inflammation through improved circulation.

  • Trusted by Doctors: Recommended by healthcare professionals for stress management and relaxation.

  • Effortless to Use: Simple and convenient integration into daily routine for soothing relief.

  • Year-Round Comfort: Suitable for all seasons, lightweight and breathable for physical activities.

  • Crafted with Quality: Made with durable Celliant and performance fibers for effectiveness.

Embark on Sharmaine's Incredible Journey with Zenband™ Stress Relief Infrared Headband

Sharmaine Campbell, 34, Australia

Before Zenband™:

Chronic stress and headaches consumed my life, hindering my focus at work and robbing me of enjoyment during my free time. I tried countless remedies, from meditation to medication, but nothing provided lasting relief. Then I discovered Zenband™ Stress Relief Infrared Headband, and it revolutionized my world. Previously filled with tension and anxiety, I now feel more relaxed, focused, and my headaches have significantly diminished.

After Zenband™:

Since incorporating Zenband™ into my life, my overall well-being has experienced a tremendous boost. I feel energized, focused, and productive at work, and I can fully enjoy my leisure time without the burden of stress and tension. The headband's comfort and ease of use, combined with its natural infrared technology, have become my go-to stress management solution. I wholeheartedly recommend Zenband™ to anyone seeking a safe and effective way to manage stress and elevate their quality of life.


  1. Position the Headband Place the Zenband™ Infrared Headband around your forehead, ensuring that it covers your temples. Make sure the Celliant® material side is in direct contact with your skin for maximum effectiveness.
  2. Adjust for Comfort Adjust the headband to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. The Zenband™ is designed with stretchable fabric to accommodate all head sizes, so gently pull or loosen the material until it feels snug and comfortable on your forehead.
  3. Relax and Enjoy Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and focus on your breath, or engage in a relaxing activity such as exercising, meditation, reading, or listening to calming music. Wear the headband for at least 20 minutes to experience the full benefits of infrared therapy.
  4. Integrate into Your Daily Routine For best results, we recommend using Zenband™ daily for at least 20 minutes. You can wear it longer or multiple times a day, as needed. Feel free to use Zenband™ at work, during your commute, while exercising, or while relaxing at home.


  • Colors: gray, sapphire, china red, lake blue, yellow, orange red, bean paste, coral orange, light powder, light blue
  • Type: headband
  • Size: one size fits all
  • Target User: general
  • Material: nylon, spandex

Product Includes

  •  Zenband™ Stress Relief Infrared Headband

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