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New Z-Shaped Hair Fluffy Stitch Comb

New Z-Shaped Hair Fluffy Stitch Comb

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New Z-Shaped Hair Fluffy Stitch Comb

New Z-Shaped Hair Fluffy Stitch Comb

Regular price $13.97
Regular price $13.97 Sale price
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New Z-Shaped Hair Fluffy Stitch Comb:  The Perfect Way To Add Flair To Your Hairstyle!

New Z-Shaped Hair Fluffy Stitch Comb  is specially shaped to help you achieve the perfect fluffy look without damaging your hair or pulling out too much product. It’s got a zig-zag pattern that makes for easy going through any style, and its soft edges make sure no matter how many times you pass over each section, reducing hair gaps in no time, and you won’t be pulling out chunks of hair or making any bald spots behind your ears.

The comb's unique shape allows for more styling options than ever before.  Plus, thanks to its sturdy construction and durable materials, this comb will last through countless uses without showing any signs of wear or tear!


  • Frizz Free -  no more tangles or knots in your hair. When you comb your hair, the comb just glides through effortlessly. This will help you to reduce static electricity in your hair while allowing you to style your hair easily with less effort than other brushes or combs on the market today.
  • Effortless Styling - best way to achieve a full, voluminous hairstyle incredibly easily. This comb works by separating and lifting hair as it's brushed through, creating a fluffy effect. It's perfect for creating volume at the crown of your head and adding volume to short or thin hair.

  • Distinctive Style - features a unique Z shape design  that allows you to easily reach all areas of your scalp, even in hard-to-reach places like the back of your head or behind your ears, gives your hair a volumizing appearance and effortlessly separates the roots. Because teeth are smooth, grooming and blending are made simple and comfortable.
  • Multifunctional - the comb is perfect for curly hair and for everyday use, and it can be utilized on wet or dry hair without causing any damage.


Position the bangs in the middle using  the parting head. The comb should then be inserted with a slight center tilt. To keep your hair in place, use a styling spray. It has a split end at the tip for accurate separation, a curved handle for a comfortable grip, and other features.


Colors: pink, purple, green , blue

Size: as shown

Type: comb

Product Includes

1 x New Z-Shaped Hair Fluffy Stitch Comb

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