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Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set

Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set

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Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set

Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Vivid Hues, Unbeatable Shine

Why This Is A Must Have? Here's Why!

“My quest for the perfect gel nail polish set ends with Le Trésor™! The 16 stylish colors give me the flexibility to mix and match effortlessly for every occasion. The easy application, quick cure time, and impeccable longevity have really transformed my nail game - I am my own nail tech now!” - Melissa Sawyer., Pennsylvania - 

“The vibrancy of colors in the Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set is beyond anything I've ever tried before! It's my favorite pastime now to switch between the striking shades, experimenting with nail art, and seeing my nails steal the show everywhere I go. A definite thumbs-up from me!” - Candice Smith., Illinois - 

Embrace Beauty and Longevity: The Allure of Nail Gel Polish

Nail gel polish, a step up from traditional nail polish, offers a long-lasting, chip-resistant finish due to its unique formula that cures under LED or UV light. Its vast color variety enables limitless creativity, making it a top choice for beauty enthusiasts globally. Ideal for everyone, from professionals to DIY nail artists, gel polish guarantees stunning, durable manicures.

From Drab To Fab: 16 Shades of Radiance, Just a Brush Away

Introducing Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set - Unleash Your Nail Glam!

Achieve nail perfection with our Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set, a treasure trove of vibrant hues that will leave you mesmerized. Each shade boasts a solid cream texture that glides on effortlessly, ensuring a flawless, even color payoff that stays put for weeks!

Crafted from high-quality gel material, our non-toxic and tasteless formula guarantees a safe and enjoyable experience. No more worries about chipping or fading - the long-lasting wear of our gel polish will keep your nails looking stunning and polished day after day.

Get ready to turn heads with the high-gloss finish that adds a touch of glamor to your fingertips. Whether you're a nail art enthusiast or a busy bee, our Le Trésor™ Gel Nail Polish Set is your ultimate beauty companion for endless creativity and impeccable, runway-worthy nails. Elevate your nail game and indulge in the luxury of Le Trésor™!

Why Choose Le Trésor™ ?


  • Durable shine that doesn't chip or fade.
  • 16 diverse shades to fit any style or mood.
  • Salon-quality manicures at home, saving time and money.
  • Chip-resistance for daily wear protection.
  • Instant drying with UV/LED light.
  • Enhanced nail health and strength.
  • A top choice for trendsetters.
  • Easy application, great for nail art.
  • Non-toxic, cruelty-free products.
  • Perfect as a luxurious gift set.

Gel Perfection, Naturally: The Transparent Ingredients of Le Trésor™

  • Acrylate Monomers: These are the building blocks of the gel and help create the strong and durable bond to the nail.
  • Oligomers: These are responsible for the gel's flexibility and adhesion to the nail.
  • Photoinitiators: They react with UV or LED light to initiate the curing process, hardening the gel polish.
  • Pigments and Dyes: These provide color to the gel polish, offering a wide range of shades.
  • Solvents: Solvents help keep the gel polish in a liquid state until exposed to UV or LED light during the curing process.
  • Additives: Various additives may be included for specific purposes, such as enhancing shine, preventing chipping, or improving texture.

Glittering Testimonials: Find Out Why Our Gel Nail Polish is a Customer Favorite!

“I'm always on the go, exploring new cities, and creating memories. But, why should my nails miss out on the fun? The Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set keeps me armed with a shade that fits any mood, outfit, or cityscape. The long-lasting formula fits my active lifestyle. Seriously, these polishes last through sand, sea, and endless typing!” - Samantha., Georgia USA -

“Busy mom means time is scarce, but the Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set fits into my schedule effortlessly. I can give myself a quick mani while my toddler naps, and the result? Vibrant, chip-resistant nails that last through diaper changes and dishwashing! Plus, a different color for each blog post, love that!” - Amber., Tennessee - 

“The creativity of my job extends to my personal style as well, and Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set lets me express that perfectly. The 16 shades provide a beautiful palette for my nail art projects. Plus, the longevity of these polishes ensures the designs don't chip away midway!” - Vanessa., North Carolina - 


  1. Prepare your nails by cleaning and buffing.
  2. Apply a thin layer of gel base coat and cure it under a UV/LED light.
  3. Brush on the first coat of gel color and cure it under the light.
  4. If needed, apply a second coat of color and cure it again.
  5. Seal with a thin layer of gel top coat and cure it under the light.
  6. Wipe off any sticky residue with rubbing alcohol.
  7. Moisturize your nails and cuticles.


  • Type: gel nail polish set
  • Target User: women
  • Colors: as shown
  • Category: Oil Painting Barley, Morning Dew Rose, Misty Mountains
  • Net Content: 17 grams
  • Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Includes

  • Le Trésor™ 16 Colors Gel Nail Polish Set
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