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LashStudio™ Eyelashes Growth Essential Oil

LashStudio™ Eyelashes Growth Essential Oil

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LashStudio™ Eyelashes Growth Essential Oil

LashStudio™ Eyelashes Growth Essential Oil

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Are You Lashes Thinning Over Time

Not enough lashes? LashStudio Eyelashes Growth Essential Oil grows lashes longer, fuller and darker

What is LashStudio and why is it effective with eyelashes? 

LashStudio (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% is indicated to treat hypotrichosis (thinning of the eyelashes) of the eyelashes by increasing their growth, including length, thickness, and darkness.

Hear From The Experts


Dr. Douglas Schiller, Ophthalmologist: For the majority of my patients, LashStudio has worked well to grow their lashes, which mirrors what we saw in the LashStudio clinical study. The lashes grow gradually over time with some people beginning to see longer lashes in about four weeks, with full growth at 16 weeks.

I participated as a clinical investigator in the LashStudio clinical study, which was conducted at 16 sites across the country and included 278 people. Throughout the course of the 16-week treatment period, each participant was photographed and evaluated at 4-week intervals (week 0 to week 16) for differences in their overall lash prominence, including length, thickness and darkness.

At the end of the 16-week treatment period, the results showed that LashStudio was effective for 78% (107/137) of those participating vs. 18% (26/141) for those in the vehicle group (the vehicle was the same solution as LashStudio, but without the active ingredient).

Specifically, patients treated with LashStudio in the clinical study experienced a: • 25% increase in lash length (vs. 2% for vehicle) • 106% increase in lash thickness/fullness (vs. 12% for vehicle) • 18% increase in lash darkness (vs. 3% for vehicle)


Dr. Shirley Gamez, Dermatologist: We do not know exactly how LashStudio works; however, we believe it does so by increasing the growth cycle (anagen) phase of your eyelash hair cycle. Anagen is the growth phase of all hair.

We believe that it increases the length of the anagen phase and the number of hairs in this growth phase. 

What Our Customers Say

“All my life I've had short, sparse, skimpy lashes.After using the treatment for 6 weeks, my used-to-be short lashes are longer and fuller. Now every time I catch a glimpse of my eyes in the mirror, I can’t help but marvel at my lashes. Thanks LashStudio!"  -Vivan, 30, El Paso 

“Being a blonde, I’ve always had light brown lashes with some blonde ones mixed in, which, as you can imagine, just disappeared on my face. They didn’t even show up in photographs! But since I have been using LashStudio, my lashes are noticeably darker than my previous shade, which is fantastic! Without a doubt, I have become a believer in LashStudio” -Olivia, 32, Boston 


    The numbers don’t lie

    In LashStudio (bimatoprost) clinical trials, at the end of 8 weeks, eyelashes were:


    Clarrise’s eyelash dreams came true after using the LashStudio Eyelashes Growth Essential Oil for a few months. Now, she has the perfect doe eyes to match her baby face.

    Before Use

    “I wanted to look more mature for my age and I figured that it starts in the face. I can’t change my body but people will look at my face first. Luckily  I was able to buy the LashStudio Eyelashes Growth Essential Oil online and I’ve been using it ever since.”

    After Use

    “I’ve been using this every day for over 2 months and my lashes have grown so much! I can’t believe that they’ve become so long to the point it naturally curls. I love how my eyelashes look so beautiful even if I don’t do anything to them. This is a perfect product; I didn’t feel any sort of pain, irritation, or any sort of discomfort when I used this! I think this is a must-have for both men and women who want longer lashes.”

    How to Use

    • Wash and dry your lashes with cleansers or soap.
    • Shake the bottle.
    • Place a drop of LashStudio Eyelashes Growth Essential Oil on an applicator. 
    • Place the applicator onto your lash line and lashes. 
    • Lightly brush your lash line with the LashStudio Eyelashes Growth Essential Oil.


    • Ingredient: LashStudio (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03%
    • Shelf Life: 3 Years
    • Net  Weight: 10ml/20ml/30ml

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    • LashStudio Eyelashes Growth Essential Oil


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