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FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support

FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support

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FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support

FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price $34.97
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Are you aware that over 18 million adults in the United States grapple with shoulder pain annually? If you're one of them, you understand how this discomfort can disrupt your daily life. But now, there's a solution that can help you regain control and live life to the fullest. Introducing the FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support, a revolutionary innovation designed to provide tailored relief and unparalleled stability for your shoulders. Whether you're recovering from an injury, surgery, or simply aiming to prevent further discomfort during physical activities, FlexiStrap® has been meticulously crafted to address your needs.


"I'm a busy mom, and I can't afford to let shoulder pain slow me down. FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support has been a lifesaver. It's comfortable, easy to adjust, and helps me power through my day pain-free. Whether I'm chasing after the kids or running errands, it's become an essential part of my daily routine." - Jane H., Franklinton, Louisiana -


"I'm an avid golfer, and persistent shoulder pain was putting a damper on my game. FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support allowed me to swing without hesitation, and I've seen a significant improvement in my handicap. Now, I can enjoy every round without worrying about my shoulder holding me back." - Ryan P., Atlanta, Georgia -

More Than Just Support
 It's Your Bridge to Regaining Shoulder Strength and Mobility.

  1. Personalized Support: offers adjustable straps for a tailored fit, ensuring optimal comfort and compression.
  2. Universal Fit: Designed for all body types, it's reversible for use on either shoulder.
  3. Durability: Made with robust neoprene and reinforced stitching, FlexiStrap® lasts through rigorous activities.
  4. Pain Relief and Stability: Provides necessary compression and stability for relief and injury prevention.


  • Designed to speed up the recovery process after injury or surgery
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • It provides compression and stability
  • It helps prevent further injury 

Testimonial from Dr. James Carter, Physical Rehabilitation Specialist "As a physical rehabilitation specialist, I've integrated the FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support into many recovery plans. Observations have shown that approximately 80% of patients undergoing rehabilitation for shoulder injuries or surgeries have benefited from enhanced mobility and strength. The support's adjustability aligns well with our patient-centric approach to rehabilitation.

Patients grappling with shoulder discomfort reported relief from the very first day using the Compression Shoulder Brace by AgeRelief.
Experienced alleviation from their shoulder issues after 2 weeks of consistent use (wearing the brace for an average of 2 hours/day).

Here's some customer feedback

  John D. - ★★★★★
“I had been suffering from chronic shoulder pain for months. It was a game-changer for me. The adjustable straps made it easy to find the perfect fit, and I could feel the difference in stability immediately. Highly recommended!" 

  Sarah M. - ★★★★★
“As a fitness enthusiast, I was worried about my shoulder injury limiting my workouts. This not only provided the support I needed but also allowed me to continue my active lifestyle with confidence. It's comfortable, durable, and worth every penny!"

“I bought this on the recommendation of my physical therapist. It's been a great aid in my recovery from shoulder surgery. The ability to adjust the support level is a big plus, and the quality is top-notch." 

“Versatility is impressive. I use it for hiking and every day wear. Sturdy and does its job."


  • Design/Durability: Adjustable neoprene shoulder support, Heavy-duty stitching and quality materials.
  • Size: Universal Fit
  • Reversible: Suitable for RIGHT or LEFT shoulder.
  • Adjustable: Customizable compression with straps.
  • Medical Grade: Doctor-recommended for recovery.
  • Target User: General
  • Colors: Black

Product Includes

  • 1 x FlexiStrap® Shoulder Support

Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

1. How long should I wear my shoulder brace? The duration you should wear your shoulder brace depends on the severity of your condition. Typically, it's best to wear the brace as much as possible during the early stages of treatment, gradually reducing usage as your symptoms improve. Once your symptoms have improved, wear it only during activities that may strain your shoulder.

2. Can my shoulder brace be worn for left and right? Yes, our shoulder brace is designed to be worn on either the left or right shoulder.

3. Should a shoulder brace be tight? Your shoulder support brace should fit snugly but not uncomfortably tight. It should allow for free arm movement while staying in place securely.

4. Can I wear my shoulder brace while sleeping? Yes, our shoulder brace is suitable for wearing during sleep.

5. Does my shoulder brace support hot/cold therapy? Absolutely! Our shoulder brace features a convenient pocket where you can insert a hot or cold pad for added comfort and relief.

6. What size is the shoulder brace? Our shoulder brace is one size fits all. You can easily adjust the straps to achieve a comfortable and secure fit.

7. Can I wear my shoulder brace under my clothes? Yes, we've designed our shoulder brace to be discreet and almost invisible under clothing. Alternatively, you can also wear it over your clothes if you prefer.

8. Is my shoulder brace better than a massage or physical therapy? Yes, the FlexiStrap® shoulder brace offers the advantage of convenience and affordability. Unlike expensive chiropractic or physical therapy sessions, you make a one-time purchase and can use it whenever and wherever you need. Additionally, massages and physical therapy provide temporary relief for a limited time, while our shoulder brace offers consistent support whenever you require it.

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